actezéro is a narrative design agency.We create, produce, and support stories & characters for your projects.
Our team offers solutions & tools, workshops, coaching sessions, auditing, and much more.
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our clients

our latest projects

Since 2017, we have collaborated and worked on more than a dozen projects. Here are the latest ones...

Astral Ascent

Client: Hibernian Workshop
Release date: Out in Early Access!
Four heroes fight to escape a gilded prison in this epic roguelite action game.Narrative Director: Anthony Jauneaud
Writer: Cindy Asselin de Beauville
Sparkling: Rik Godwin
- World-Building
- Story & Characters
- Narrative Design
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Client: Un Je Ne Sais Quoi + Umanimation
Release date: TBA
After the death of her grandmother, Mimi comes back to her house in Dordogne. There, she will uncover the truth about the last summer she spent there…Narrative Director: Anthony Jauneaud
- Story & Dialogues
- Characters
- Narrative Design
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Exogate Initiative

Client: Xeno Bits
Release date: TBA
As the XO of the newly funded Exogate Initiative, your mission is to build your base, send explorers throughout the universe, and gather intel about extra-terrestrial life.Narrative Director: Anthony JauneaudNarrative Designers & Writers: Cindy Asselin de Beauville & Rik Godwin
- Narrative Design
- Stories & Dialogues
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Flat Eye

Client: Monkey Moon
Release date: 2022
In this sci-fi management game, you manage, organize, and improve a station filled with technological wonders.Narrative Director & Writer: Anthony Jauneaud
Guest Writers: Cindy Asselin de Beauville & Rik Godwin & more!
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our services

Whether your project has not started yet or you are in the middle of production, we are here for you.

—— pre-production

  • WORLD-BUILDING — creating coherent worlds Players will love to explore

  • CHARACTERS — creating complex yet lovable heroes & villains, and everything in between

  • STORY — structuring the overall narrative to build a meaningful journey

  • DOCUMENTATION — to support the game and the narrative, making them stronger & more enjoyable

  • SCOPING — preparing the team to get all the narrative in while respecting constraints

—— production

  • WRITING — in tandem with your team or alone, writing the narrative content of the game

  • EMERGENCY WRITING — sometimes you need help to reach a specific milestone

  • SCOPE MANAGEMENT — when the deadline is upon you, we can jump in and find ways to cut or change narrative content

  • SPARKLING — going over the already written narrative & making it even more powerful

  • REVIEWING — going over the game and its narrative, finding solutions, offering improvements, and more

—— workshops

Your team might already have the story they want to tell.If you think you need a bit of theory, our workshops could be an opportunity for you and your team to lay down, explore, reshape the story and its structure.These moments are a break from the usual game dev routine—the goal is to allow the narration to be expressed, tested, and improved.

—— consulting

You know you can do it alone… but you need to be sure!Before or during production, we can assess your project's narrative state, detect issues and more importantly deliver recommendations, ideas, & solutions.Our consulting sessions are usually an hour every two weeks. They are especially effective when your team has a dedicated narrative person who needs a bit of mentoring and (emotional) support.

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our team

Cindy Asselin de Beauville

Narrative Designer & Writer @ actezéroMartinican, demi-female, involved in LGBTQ+, gender, race, and ecology issues… Certified tea addict.Studied game design, programming, cinema, and scriptwriting. Worked as a freelancer for: Sundbox, Sensastic, Périple Studio, ARTE…Writes in French & English.

Rik Godwin

Narrative Designer & Writer @ actezéroBritish (sorry). Hobbies include being lactose tolerant and reading trashy crime novels.Studied English and Linguistics and worked on indie games including Night Call, Rip Them Off and Chinatown Detective Agency.Writes in English.

Anthony Jauneaud

Narrative Director @ actezéroBorn in 1986. Grew up on a tropical island with Tolkien, Barjavel, and John Irving.Studied cinema and scriptwriting. Worked at Ubisoft (O.zen), Asobo Studio (Hololens, A Plague Tale), Sumo Digital (Dead Island 2)… before turning indie.Writes in French & English.

We are not currently looking for more talent, for interns or for apprentices, but if you send us an email, we will reply (late).

our other projects

Night Call

Client: Monkey Moon
Release date: July 2019
A taxi driver is tasked by the police to investigate on a serial killer. On the way, he will meet the many souls of Paris and their vibrant stories.Narrative Director: Anthony Jauneaud
- Story & Characters
- Narrative Design
Guest Writer: Rik GodwinAwards:
- Pégases 2020 - Best Indie Game
- IGF 2020 - Honorable Mention: Excellence in Narrative

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